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DOOM 1 was the one that made the genre. Originally released in 1993, id Software's hell-on-Mars game revolutionized PC gaming and then went on to make appearances on what seems like a billion different platforms. Well, make it a billion and one, because now Doom is available for download via Xbox Live Arcade. This Arcade version of the game stays mostly faithful to the original, and it holds up well after all these years.

Controls of the Game

Move around with [WASD]

Shoot with your [MOUSE]

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Do you really need tips for this awesome legedery game? I don't think so

game review

Playing DOOM 1 in 1993 was a complete hassle. You could either play two-player games over a modem or play four-player games over a local network. Since there wasn't much of an Internet to speak of back in '93, the game never had full-on official Internet support. Doom holds up well and still manages to be fun after all these years. But if you're already certain that you've had enough Doom for one lifetime, this faithful translation probably won't resell you on the game.