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Are you too afraid to play Slender, sequel to the PC horror hit that taught us to associate evening-wear with fatal outbreaks of screen static? Well, here’s how to overcome your terror: imagine that Slender Man himself is that awkward person you don’t want to talk to at any given party. As with any social space invader, the guy's core tactic is to materialise silently in front of you, perhaps peeking shyly from behind an object, in hopes of catching your eye. The trick is to let your gaze slide over him to something else in the environment - hey, isn’t that so-and-so from Marketing in the corner? - while stepping casually but firmly to one side.

Controls of the Game

You move around with [WASD]

Control your look with [MOUSE]

Tips and Tricks to own at this game


DO NOT play with your lights OFF, otherwise you won't sleep tonight.

game review

If you like horror, but you’ve yet to have the pleasure of Slender Man’s company, his Arcade incarnation is absolutely worth its your time. The Eight Page template loses its bite with repeat exposure, but the game’s volatility remains invigorating given the genre's continued reliance on scripted scares and sheer grotesqueness. If you’re a veteran of Slender, however, it’s probably best to avoid eye contact. There’s not enough meat on these bones.